Chandigarh January 31: Haryana Chief Minister Mr. Bhupinder Singh Hooda  made two major announcements today which included recruitment of 13,000 new Safai Karamcharis in the urban areas of the state and no retirement age for the Chowikdars working in rural areas as once the chowkidar grows old and is unable to continue, his son would be able to take over his job.


          Mr. Hooda was addressing the Safai Karamcharis and Chowikdars who called on to thank him for increasing their honorarium at his residence here today.  He said that new posts of Safai Karamcharis would be advertised within next 15 days. At present seven thousand Safai Karamcharis are already working in the urban areas of the state. A new scheme is also being drafted for the chowkidars working in rural areas, he added.


          While describing Chowkidars and Safai Karamcharis as the back bone of the development of village, Mr. Hooda said that earlier, safai karamcharis were not appointed at the level of villages but the present State Government has appointed 11,000 Safai Karamcharis in the villages in the year 2007 and now increased their honorarium from Rs. 3525 to Rs. 8100 from January 1, 2014. Mr. Hooda said their honorarium   would be directly deposited to their bank accounts through Block Divisional Officers (BDO) and for this they are required to open their bank accounts.  He said that similarly, the State Government has also decided to do away with the system of contracts for Safai Karamcharis in municipal committees and from now honorarium to such karamcharis would be made by the concerned Corporations.  


          The Chief Minister said that during the Gohana Shakti Rally, he also announced to increase the honorarium of Chowkidars to Rs. 3500 which was only Rs. 400 in the year 2004. Apart from this they were also being given Rs. 2000 as uniform allowance which was Rs. 500 earlier. In addition to this, they were also given Rs. 750 for stick and battery.


          While launching a scathing attack on the opposition parties, Mr. Hooda questioned the gathering to tell him any single decision which they have taken for the welfare of people. Whereas, after taking the reign of the present State Government in the year 2005, he has taken a number of decisions for the welfare of all sections of society particularly for poor and farmers. Some of his prominent decisions included allotment of free residential plots measuring 100 sq yards to people belonging to Scheduled Castes, Backward Classes-A and Below Poverty Lines, scholarship ranging from Rs. 75 to Rs 600 to about 19.70 lakh poor children from class 1 to 12th, increasing old age pension, widow pension and disabled pension to Rs. 1000 per month and decision to construct 2 lakh houses in rural areas under the Priyadarshini Awas Yojna (PAY). Mr. Hooda cautioned the people to remain vigilant from those political parties which are trying to mislead them on false promises.


          Mr.  Hooda also urged the safai karamcharis and chowkidars to disseminate information regarding the schemes and programmes of the State Government in their respective areas  so that  the benefits percolate down to the  grassroots level.


          Speaking on the occasion President, Haryana Pradesh Congress Committee (HPCC) Mr. Phool Chand Mullana said that earlier chowkidars and safai karamcharis were in a pitiable condition but the present State Government has restored their honour. He said that the State Government has recruited 11,000 safai karamcharis in the villages in the ratio of one such karamchari on the population of 1000.


          Chief Parliamentary Secretary Mr. Jaiveer Singh  said that Mr. Hooda is the real well wishers of the poor. While taking a dig at the opposition parties, he said that the opposition leaders are just trying to mislead the people through hollow promises. Whereas the present State Government has implemented various policies for the welfare of scheduled castes and poor in the State which included Kanyadan of Rs. 31,000 in the marriage of daughters belonging to scheduled castes and plots measuring 100 square yards to  Scheduled Castes, Backward Classes-A and Below Poverty Lines. Taking a dig at the Chief Minister of Gujarat Mr. Narender Modi, Mr. Jaiveer Singh said that the practice of “Maila Dhona” is still prevailing in Gujarat.


          Earlier, Mr. Hooda was honoured by presenting him turban.


Former Chief Parliamentary Secretary and Chairman Harijan Kalyan Nigam Mr. Rajkumar Balmiki, former MLA Mr. Banta Ram and Retd. IAS Mr. M.L Sarwan and President, Chowkidar Union Mr. Punjab Singh also spoke on the occasion.


          MLA Mrs Sumita Singh and Additional Media Advisor to Chief Minister Mr. Kewal Dhingra, Mr. Ramphal Lot  and large number of Chowkidars and Safai Karamcharis were also present on this occasion.