*Kejriwal Government is working vigorously on Delhi Budget 2022-23; Dy CM Manish Sisodia takes stock of budget preparations in a high-level review meeting*

*Delhi Budget 2022-23 will bring back the capital’s derailed economy on track; will foster the economic growth of the national capital- Dy CM Manish Sisodia*

*Budget for the financial 2022-23 will be prepared keeping all the needs of Delhiites in mind- Dy CM Manish Sisodia*

*Kejriwal Government is conducting various surveys to find ways to boost the capital’s economy and increase job opportunities during times of COVID - Dy CM Manish Sisodia*

NEW DELHI: 21ST JANUARY 2022-The Kejriwal government has started working vigorously on the upcoming Delhi Budget 2022-23. To take stock of the preparations, Deputy Chief Minister and Finance Minister Shri Manish Sisodia, who holds the Finance portfolio as well, conducted a high-level review meeting with the officials on Friday. He said that the Delhi budget 2022- 23 will be special and will foster the economic growth of the national capital. He added that the budget will be prepared by keeping all the needs of Delhi residents in mind. Along with this, based on the findings of various studies conducted by the planning department, we are trying to understand what innovative ways that can be introduced to boost the capital’s economy and increase job opportunities.

Shri Manish Sisodia said, “The economy has suffered great losses in the past two years due to COVID pandemic. We will give special attention to bringing the capital’s economy back on track. Delhi Budget 2022-23 will also be very important regarding industrial development. In this budget, the Kejriwal Government will focus on developing Delhi as a hub for business and services.”

He also added, “in the Delhi Budget 2022-23, will also focus on various schemes of public welfare including education, health, electricity, clean drinking water among other basic need areas. The necessities of all state residents will be kept in mind while preparing this year’s budget and it will help them recover from the pandemic-led economic crisis.”


*The Kejriwal government will conduct a large-scale survey to understand the impact of pandemic on the psychological and emotional behavior of school children*

*The Happiness Curriculum will be updated according to recommendations of the experts on findings of the survey. This will help students to learn to be stress-free in challenging situation like pandemic*

*To bring back students to the normal routine, it is important to understand the psychological and emotional status of children, so that government can work towards their mental and emotional well-being: Dy CM Manish Sisodia*

NEW DELHI: 21ST JANUARY 2022-Due to repetitive closure of schools during the COVID pandemic, not only there has been loss of education of children but they have also been affected mentally and emotionally. In the past two years, the world of children has reduced to only one room in their houses. Being away from schools for a long time is leading to mental stress and fear among them. To understand this situation and to investigate the effects on children's mental and emotional state during COVID, the Kejriwal government is going to conduct a large-scale survey. On the basis of the findings of this survey and recommendations of experts on the same, Delhi's famous 'Happiness Curriculum' will be updated, so that mental and emotional well-being of school going children can be taken care of. In this regard, Deputy Chief Minister Shri Manish Sisodia gave instructions to the concerned officials on Friday.

He added that the last two years have been really tough and very stressful for the school children. Due to school closure students have been confined to home, which is leading to a situation of fear and stress among students. It is very important to understand their mental state, to bring them back to the normal situation. In view of this, the Kejriwal government has decided to conduct the study on a large scale to understand the changes in mental and emotional state of school children in the past two years and what steps can be taken for their well being.

This is for the first time that such a survey is being conducted. Along with children the study will also focus on analyzing the changes in parenting style, psychological and emotional state of parents, as children have spent most of their time during lockdown with them, in the past two years. Along with students and parents, teachers have also seen many changes in their routine and teaching styles. This survey will analyze this aspect too. Since “Happiness” is a holistic process, it is important to understand the mental state of each and every person in students’ lives.

Shri Manish Sisodia said that ‘Happiness Curriculum’ has played an important role in maintaining mental and emotional wellbeing of students studying in our schools. With the help of this study and help from experts, we will modify the Happiness curriculum by introducing new chapters, stories and activities, so that students can learn to be stress free in challenging situations like pandemic.


*Kejriwal Government proposes lifting of weekend curfew and reducing COVID-related curbs; sends proposal on relaxations to LG

*Have sent a proposal to the LG asking him to reduce COVID restrictions such as weekend curfew, odd-even protocol in markets: Dy CM Manish Sisodia

*Demanded that private offices be allowed to function at 50% capacity: Dy CM Manish Sisoida

*Necessary to ease down on restrictions to protect livelihood and bring the economy back on track: Dy CM Manish Sisodia

*Positivity rate has come down from 31% to 17% in the past ten days;seeing a dip on COVID cases too:Dy CM Manish Sisodia

NEW DELHI: 21ST JANUARY 2022-The Kejriwal Government has proposed lifting of the weekend curfew and reducing COVID-related curbs. Deputy Chief Minister Shri Manish Sisodia informed that Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal has sent a proposal on relaxations to the LG. Following the approval of the LG, private offices will be allowed to operate on 50% capacity and markets will be allowed to operate without an odd-even system.

Shri Manish Sisodia said, “when the COVID cases were on the rise in the National Capital, it was important to impose various bans for the safety of residents of Delhi. But now the peak of COVID cases has passed and the cases in the capital are declining considerably. On January 12, the capital reported the highest number of cases of this COVID season, which was nearly 28,000. About 8-10 days back, the positivity rate was around 31%, but now it has come down to 17%. Seeing the current graph of cases, we are currently in the situation to relax restrictions. On Friday, Delhi reported around 10,500 cases.”

The Deputy Chief Minister said, “now that the cases are coming down, it would be wrong to restrict people from moving out to earn for their survival. We are in a position where we can relax COVID restrictions now. Businesses across the city have already suffered huge losses due to previous COVID waves. Now that we have started getting good news about declining positivity rates and COVID cases. We hope that we will get the good news of relaxed COVID restrictions soon. We are waiting for approval from the LG.”

*What relaxations have been proposed by the Delhi Government?

1. Lifting of the weekend curfew in Delhi.

2. Ending the system of odd-even in markets to allow all shops to open.

3. Allowing private offices to run with 50% capacity.

It is noteworthy that in view of the increasing cases of Corona, some restrictions were imposed in Delhi from the first week of January, under which weekend curfew was imposed. Along with that, odd-even systems were implemented in the markets and private offices were ordered to go on 100% work-from-home so that there was no risk of infection. The idea was to curb the spread. All these measures proved to be effective and not only the rate of infection came down in Delhi but the cases of corona are also decreasing rapidly.


*COVID situation of Delhi under control thanks to stringent measures taken by Kejriwal Government - Satyendar Jain*

*Seeing a dip in COVID cases in Delhi; hospitalisation rate has remained stable - Satyendar Jain*

*In the last 24 hours, 18,815 people recovered from Corona, the positivity rate fell down to 21.48% - Satyendar Jain*

*Delhi government has reduced the cost of RT-PCR from Rs 500 to Rs 300, while for home collection, the cost has been slashed to Rs. 500 from Rs. 700 - Satyendar Jain*

*Rapid Antigen Test cost reduced from Rs 300 to Rs. 100- Satyendar Jain*

*No need to worry, just wear a mask and follow all COVID protocols- Satyendar Jain*
NEW DELHI: 21ST JANUARY,2022-Health Minister Shri Satyendar Jain, gave detailed information on the corona cases in Delhi on Friday. He said, “In the last 24 hours, 12,306 new cases of the corona were reported in Delhi, the positivity rate is 21.48%. Unfortunately, 43 deaths occurred due to Covid over the past few days.” Along with this, he said that the rate of admission in hospitals is low, and has slowed down in Delhi in the last few days. Apart from this, in the last 24 hours in Delhi, 18,815 people have recovered from the corona. He said that the Delhi government has decided to open private offices at 50% capacity, which will give relief to the people of Delhi.

Health Minister Shri Satyendar Jain said “Despite the arrival of new cases every day for the last few days, the number of patients admitted to the hospital is stable at present. The Delhi government is prepared to bo bolster health services on all fronts. CM Arvind Kejriwal's government has been the first in the country to take the most stringent steps in view of the threat of new variants, due to which the situation of corona in Delhi is under control and there is a decline in cases”.

Steps ranging from weekend curfew to closure of educational institutions were taken in the public interest so as to protect the health of the people and save as many lives as possible. Now the Delhi government has taken a decision to open private offices at 50 percent capacity. Weekend curfew and odd-even will still be in force till further orders.

He further said, "The Delhi Government has reduced the cost of RT PCR and Rapid Antigen Test from Rs 500 to Rs 300, whereas for giving sample test from through home collection, now only Rs 500 will have to be paid and the cost of Rapid Antigen Test has been fixed at Rs.100". In view of the third wave of Corona in Delhi, the Delhi Government has decided to reduce the cost of testing. The Health Minister requested everyone to wear a mask at all times for the prevention of corona and to follow all the protocols related to Covid at all times. He said that all precautions are being taken by the Delhi Government so that the pace of infection can slow down in Delhi. The government is requesting the public as the health department and health workers are making efforts on the front line, with the same energy, people should also put on masks, clean their hands with hand sanitizer and follow the rules of social distancing.


*Skill Varsity to send 8 students for Regionals of National Environment Youth Parliament 2022*

*University Prelims concluded at DSEU, 8 students move forward to the Regional Level*

*Dialogue on Environmental Concerns essential for awareness among youth, says VC, DSEU; closes University Prelims for NEYP’22*

New Delhi: 21st January 2022-The Delhi Skill and Entrepreneurship University concluded the University Prelims for National Environment Youth Parliament 2022. The competition saw more than 500 students of DSEU who registered for the event, out of which 119 were selected to go on for the Group Discussion stage. The best 8 candidates were announced to head on for the regional level competitions.

Parayavaran Sanrakshan Gatividhi (PSG) is responsible for conducting events in Universities across the country. In an attempt to raise awareness around environmental concerns that engulf the youth of today, the National Environment Youth Parliament 2022 - “Nurturing Environment Leaders”, invited the participation of youth for a dialogue on environmental issues and to contribute towards finding meaningful solutions along with their peers.

Prof. (Dr.) Neharika Vohra, Vice-Chancellor, DSEU congratulated the students and applauded the efforts of students in showcasing their talent and initiating meaningful conversation on topics such as environment -friendly waste management specific to plastic waste, alternative sources of energy & India energy, new frontiers of green technology for climate action, amongst others. She shared “We are extremely happy to see the effort each and every student has put into their participation at the University Prelims. We wish all the shortlisted students good luck for the Regional Rounds. It is important to remember the motive for these dialogues and to pledge to take small steps to make your environment healthier. Learn from your peers, contribute to the best of your ability and make sure you come back with enhanced knowledge and exposure”

Dr. Achla Kaushal and Dr. Rashmi Panwar, Environment Nodal Officers, DSEU, while sharing details of the event said “It has been an overwhelming experience seeing the dedication of our students in the Group Discussion round. The jury members and moderators - Ms.Alpana Singh, Mr. Goutam Panda, Dr. Jyoti Kulkarni, Mr. Kalp Mishra, Dr. M.D. Joshi, Dr. Mamata R. Singh, Dr..Ravinder Singh Chauhan, Dr. Rekha Valecha, Mrs. Riniyo Nani, Dr. Sahil Koul, Mr. Seemab Ahmad, Ms. Smruti Mohapatra, Ms. Vinita Gupta have been a strong strength in guiding and preparing the students.”

Navneet Singh (BBA, IInd Year), Abhishek Rohan (Masters of Computer Application, Ist Year) and Jeeya (B.Sc. Medical Laboratory Technology, I Year) bagged the top 3 positions at the University Prelims. Other winners include Ishita Garg (B.A. Digital Media & Design, Ist year), Mayank Sharma (BBA Banking Financial Services & Insurance, Ist Year), Kanak Sharma (Diploma in Tool Engineering, II year), Vidhi Verma (Bachelors of Computer Application, Ist Year), and Simra Khanam (B.Sc. Medical Laboratory Technology, I Year) who will represent DSEU at the Regional Round (semi-finale) on 23rd January 2022 to celebrate the birth anniversary of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.