Hamirpur, January 21-A Group of tech Savvy young entrepreneurs joined hands to establish a start-upto address teaching challenges following the coronavirus pandemic.

Kartik Chandel team leader of start-up "The Basic One" said that the epidemic and school closures not only put children's health and safety in jeopardy, with domestic violence and child labour on the rise, but they also had a significant influence on student learning.

He said that since the pandemic created a gap in the education system where children were forced to bring learning to a standstill, the online mode of education had become a necessity and a boon for making education available at the doorstep of our country.

He said that the arising situation brought this thought to mind and we with a team of ten started a start-up ‘Basic One Ed-Tech’ in Hamirpur for providing online quality education to grades VI to X. He said that the team worked relentlessly to create high-quality video lectures, regular tests, fun activities and doubt solving sessions that cater to the need of every student in a customized manner.

The multiple approaches to solving a question would increase critical thinking amongst students and that makes us different from the existing platforms.

Basic One Ed-Tech is a homegrown start-up that has the aim to make Education more accessible, affordable and inclusive.

He said that the idea is to make students conceptually strong and provide them practical knowledge base rather than rote learning. To provide the best quality video lectures by the dedicated and the best teachers, the Basic One has also roped in experts from across the country.

He said that the Basic One would be organizing online scholarship tests all over the state to promote young talent and the toppers would get access to all the courses available at their portal for free.

The overall winners would also get exciting prizes like a tablet and gift hampers along with their free video courses.

We look at scientists in every kid around us and to let that inner scientist out, Basic One is here to guide and teach you through the most formative years of life.

For Scholarship Test, Contact No. +91-90152-97152, 70181-24652