NEW DELHI, 24th November,2021: Two wheelers Helmet Manufacturers Associations lauds the Haryana Government's decision to implement section 138. To ensure safety of its people, the Haryana Government has made it mandatory to supply BIS certified helmets at the time of purchase of two wheelers. All registered dealers have to compulsorily confirm to the new rule. While selling two wheelers They are duty bound to supply helmets prescribed by the Bureau of Indian Standards Act.
This move is a step in the right direction for the sake of road safety and safety of the two-wheeler riders as the helmet is compulsory as per the law. Furthermore, to ensure its effective implementation the Haryana Government will be taking strict action against non-compliance.All registered dealers have to mandatorily put up a flex board outside their dealership
informing the purchaser that the helmet is compulsorily supplied at the time of purchase of a two-wheeler. The Headquarter of the transport department needs to be notified with a proof, the photos of the installation of the flex board will have to be submitted. Those dealers who will not adhere to the new policy and will not supply the helmets or put up the flex board will have their license at stake.
Commenting on this big step towards road safety by the state government, Mr. Rajeev Kapur, President, Two Wheelers Helmet Manufacturers Association said, “The new rule is an amalgamation of a lot of pluses. Helmets are lifesaving devices just like vaccines, and there can be and should be no compromises. Government wants that all new motorcycle and scooters come with the helmets and we also know that the government has also enforced the rule for wearing a helmet mandatory Pan India. So, with the new rule there will be no shortage of helmet in India as the manufacturers will confidently scale production capacity. Furthermore, the customers will get genuine and real ISI helmet. Also, when customer will have such easy access to a helmet then they will wear it too. Moreover, the customer will be equipped with a protective headgear the very moment they leave the showroom. This in itself is a big deal to have a helmet on at the very 1st ride on the bike itself. Besides, we have seen previously awareness alone will not work, strict enforcement and thoughtfulness on behalf of the government is required.
We thank Haryana Government for showing it and leading the way, setting an example for others to follow. This decision of the Haryana Government will act as a master stroke and help in creating awareness and saving lives. With implementation of this rule people will get helmets along with new bike/scooter from the showroom itself. So it is a huge step. And also it will help in doing away with sale, manufacturing and storage of non-ISI marked helmets.”