New Delhi ,24.11.21-: Indian classical music is famous all over the world. Suraj Nirwan, son of late Pandit Subhash Nirwan, a renowned tabla and maestro of Delhi Gharana style of playing (Delhi Baaj), believes that this true essence of Indian classical music should be propagated across the worldwide. Suraj trusts he can purify the listeners' souls and provide them with momentary inner peace. Apart from making it mere technical creativity through his unique playing style, with his melodious melodies, he can make a big difference in this field. His maturity, tonality, and soulful meditative performance have earned him worldwide recognition at such a young age. Suraj not only manages to captivate the audience with his unmatched skill of executing precise lyrics, but also goes a long way in his playing to create a magically intense tonal, which is almost in the sharp style of today's tabla playing is over.

Born and bred in the celebrated musical family of Delhi Gharana, Suraj learned the delicate art of tabla from his father. Even in his formative years, Suraj began showing signs of a prodigy. So it was no short a wonder when he accompanied his father on one of the most prestigious stages of Indian classical music, Sankat Mochan Sangeet Sammelan, Varanasi. He was only four years old at that time. Suraj believes that to become something more, you need to learn minor things first, and getting a suitable ambiance to grow, learn and evolve is the key to success.

Delhi gharana is the oldest of all the tabla gharanas. The style here is popularly known as "do anglian ka baaz" (two-fingered style). Suraj Nirwan has immense proficiency in this prized tabla playing art and has developed a unique style of playing it. His mastery of the instrument and the level of balance between left and right is unmatched. Expanding the traditional "Qaida" from intricate ink and edge words to flawless 'Dhir-Dhir' and creating extraordinarily harmonious produce is a perfect reflection of his character in his art. Recently, Suraj got a chance to enthrall the audience with the mesmerizing tunes of Delhi Gharana Tabla at the "Mewati Sangeet Martand Parv" festival organized by Pandit Jasraj Sansthan.