CHANDIGARH 23 Nov 2021, One such is ‘Rafal Sarane’. The song has been sung by Sandeep Sukh featuring Daljeet Chahal. The lyrics for the same are penned down by Sandeep Sukh and Jodhbir and music done by Chahal.

The producers of the project Gurvinder Singh, Jagtar Singh, and Harjit Sahi today released the song in Chandigarh. During their interaction with the media, the producers discussed their struggle days in the field of music. Also, they said, “This is not our only project, we are focusing on some more ventures which will come out to be top hits.”

Sandeep Sukh added, ‘‘I always believe in slow and steady wins the race. That is the reason being for me especially focus on the audience's interests and preferences. Rafal Sarane is quite close to me. People will groove with it.’’

Srishty Maan concluded I love working with this team. Their art of working and efforts always inspire me to do more such projects. Will look forward to collaborating on more projects with the same team.