New Delhi : 22nd September 2021-The Kejriwal Government launched Mega PTM in 2016 to increase parental engagement in its schools and connect the society with the schools. Its purpose was to bridge the communication gap between parents and teachers, to provide a platform for dialogue, to make parents aware of the education of their children, to give information about the new programmes started by the government for improvement of education and to ensure the participation of parents in the learning process of their children. Mega PTM has played an important role in the education reforms of Delhi. A research was conducted by Assistant Professors of State Council for Educational Research and Training (SCERT) Delhi on Mega PTM in Delhi Government Schools in Central District.

On this occasion, the Director of SCERT Delhi and his team handed over a copy of this research to the Deputy Chief Minister and Education Minister Manish Sisodia. Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said that research and training are two important things in the realm of SCERT. "In the last several years, the role of SCERT has been more prominent in the field of training and the field of research could not receive the due attention. However, now SCERT Delhi has demonstrated that it is prepared to work in the field of research," Shri Sisodia said.
Appreciating the Director of SCERT Delhi and his team for this step in the field of research, he said, "This research done by SCERT will prove to be helpful in adopting necessary changes in educational programs and policies.

The basic objective of this research published in the context of Mega PTM is to examine the awareness of Mega PTM among parents and teachers, to understand their perception about Mega PTM, to establish the difference between the perception of parents and teachers about Mega PTM and to understand methods for better implementation of Mega PTM. In this research it was found that mass media had played an important role in making parents aware about Mega PTM.

Mega PTM has sensitised parents towards their children's education and increased their participation in schools. In this research conducted by SCERT Delhi, it was found that almost 70% of the parents believed that the educational environment in Delhi Government schools has changed, schools are more clean and better maintained than before. During the PTM, 71% of the parents and 61% of the teachers discussed the regularity of children in schools, academic activities at school and home, improvement of children in learning level, children's health and hygiene, home environment and activities of children. Most of the parents and teachers agreed that Mega PTM will increase the regularity of children in schools and their academic performance in the future. Parents will be more conscious towards their children's health and hygiene and will be more aware about their education. Research has found that 40% of parents consider failure to be a part of the learning process for children. 97% of the parents have agreed that Mega PTM should be organized more often in order to improve the performance of children, their participation in the class, social and mental development of the children, etc.

A research was conducted on the efforts of the Heads of Schools in the schools of Delhi. Delhi's schools have shown tremendous improvement in the recent past. The Head of School's own efforts were also behind these reforms. The Heads of Schools brought changes in the schools with their unique efforts. In this research, the reasons due to which these schools were successful in writing the story of change were thoroughly studied.