Chandigarh,31.12.13-While different countries and so many religions have their special occasion, festivals and celebrations there’s one occasion that the whole world celebrates together- New Year’s. A night to forget all your worries, a night welcoming new beginnings, fresh starts and a new hope. Maybe that’s why it’s even more special. And that’s why we like to go over the top crazy about it. Making sure we are around people we truly love.

The plans are always set in advance usually to do something different and make the most of the night with your friends and family. That being said, what if you don’t have to wory about anything? What if all you gotta do is dress up and walk in while everything else is all set the way you want it? Wishes granted! Forget about all the worries and celebrate this news years in style. 10 Downing Street, club lounge at The Altius Hotel is set to organise a New year’s eve you just wont forget! The preparations are all done and everything you ever wanted has been checked in already so just just walk in and make the most of it.  

10 Downing Street within these years, has risen to a level of appreciation for bringing something new to the platter for the city. This time too, they bring a great way to celebrate and welcome the year in a unique way. Ginny Chawla, MD, The Altius Hotel says, “We believe in doing something different everytime, this time its gonna be a hardcore theme night on new years- Masquerade ball. And you know when we organise a theme it’s as authentic as it can get.” He adds, “As for the preps we have everything on the house including unlimited drinks, unlimited food, champagne, fire juggling, fireworks; in short, anything and everything that makes up for a perfect New year.


What about the family and kids who wish to make this moment special? “The club is only open for couples but not to worry. The Altius Hotel will be oraganising two events at the same time. Apart from the Club night at 10 Downing Street- couples’s masquerade ball, we will be organising a new year’s bash for families at our banquet hall which will include dj, live entertainment and live music by Yahovas-the band. Both offer unlimited drinks, lavish buffets and unlimited fun; in short,  a complete entertainment for all your family. After all, it’s a special night!”