CHANDIGARH,17.09.21-Prof Jagat Ram Director PGIMER delivered the welcome address and informed that PGIMER Chandigarh has been hosting Prof. N.N. Wig Oration since 2018, in the memory of Prof. Narendra Nath Wig, Founder of the Department of Psychiatry at the institute. This year's oration was delivered by Dr Savita Malhotra Ex Dean, Professor and Head Department of Psychiatry, PGIMER, Chandigarh on topic “Child Mental Health: The Universe of Mental Health!” in hybrid mode. She emphasized that experiences of childhood in early years (adverse events in childhood such as poverty, abuse, deprivation, loss, bereavement, conflict, trauma etc.) have a deep-rooted influence on the development of personality and mental health later on also in adulthood. About 50% of all mental disorders start before the age of 14 years and 75% before the age of 25 Years. She also stressed that early diagnosis and intervention in childhood can prevent certain psychiatric disorders or can lead to healthier development. Many international organizations such as WHO, UNICEF etc propose policies and programs for infants and children in order to improve mental health and achieve primary prevention. She ended the talk with emphasis on child mental health represents the universe of mental health and should be accorded highest priority in our mental health planning.