CHANDIGARH,05.08.21-The Department of Zoology at Mehr Chand Mahajan DAV College for Women, Chandigarh, in collaboration with MCM Eco Club, marked the celebration of International Tiger Day with a webinar titled ‘Conservation Status of Tigers in India’.

The objective of the webinar was to enlighten the students about the history of tiger conservation in India and to spread awareness about the need for tiger conservation. Mr. Jayanta Bora, Senior Research Fellow from Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun was the resource person for this webinar. The webinar educated over 42 participants about the history of tiger conservation in India and how modern techniques such as camera trapping, pug mark, scat and hide pattern analysis, genetic barcoding contribute to conservation of the national animal of India. Stressing upon the importance of tiger conservation, Mr. Bora said that a decline in the tiger population would lead to an increase in the number of herbivores which could be a precursor to the fall of an entire ecosystem. The expert motivated the students to contribute towards wildlife conservation by opting for a career in conservation ecology.

The session ended with alumna Ms Shagun Thakur, Project Associate at Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun giving career advice to the students and motivating them to pursue Wildlife Conservation as a career option.

Principal Dr. Nisha Bhargava lauded the efforts of the Zoology Department to raise awareness about the crucial aspect of conservation of the national animal of our country. She added that since tigers play a significant role in maintaining the equilibrium of the ecosystem, it is extremely important to sensitise everyone about the deteriorating condition of tigers and the need to conserve them.