CHANDIGARH,03.03.21-This is another simple but effective exercise which is beneficial for related joints.
Sit in the base position or cross legged pose.
Hold both arms straight in front of the body at shoulder level.
Open the hands , palms down and stretch the fingers as wide apart as possible.
Close the fingers to make a tight fist with the thumbs inside.
The fingers should be slowly wrapped around the thumbs.
Again open the hands and stretch the fingers.
Repeat 10 times.
Perform this exercise by stretching the fingers and then making fist with thumbs outside. The thumbs should gently press the fingers.
NOTE Those who can not sit in base asna, can also perform while standing or sitting in the chair but with back, neck and head in a straight line.
Breathing- inhale while opening the hands and exhale while closing the hands.
Awareness should be on the stretching sensation, movement and the breath.
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