BJP state incharge Avinash Rai Khanna while addressing a meeting of Mahila morcha state executive in Chintpurni said that for the growth of the party morchas play a vital role. he said that BJP works as a Universal party that touches all sections of the society and for this Mahila morcha has played a vital role in the former years , he said that BJP have always worked to empower the women and it was 50% reservation in Panchayat elections that BJP imposed and set an example in the country. He further added that BJP has always given key posts to women all of the country as you must have seen that the Lok Sabha Speaker was a women too, today Centre Finance Minister Nirmala sitharaman is playing a vital role in the central government that is a pride for our nation.
He also said that today 6 governors in India are women.
He said that it is commendable that how women had worked to serve the nation in covid-19 Crisis when face cover was made across the nation to serve humanity, women have always come forward to strengthen the nation and the party itself.
He said in the panchayat elections that were held in Himachal Pradesh women won more than 60% seats that itself is a record.