CHANDIGARH,02.03.21-To strengthen the wrist joints this warm up exercise is considered the most effective exercise. In fact all the simple exercises, in addition to strengthening the nerves and joints for which these are intended, help in preparing for more difficult asnas also.

This can also be done in any position with the condition that back, neck and head should be straight. However for best results, sitting in base or crossed legs position is recommended.
Sit in the base position or a comfortable crossed legs position with back straight. Make a loose fist with the right hand with the thumb inside.
Slowly rotate the fist about the wrist, ensuring that the fist faces downward throughout the rotation.
The arms and elbows should remain perfectly straight and still. Make as large circle as possible.
Practice 10 times clockwise and 10 times anti-clockwise. Repeat the same with left fist.
Second step- Extend both the arms in front of the body with fists loosely clenched.
Keep the arms straight at shoulder level.
Rotate the fists together in the same direction.
Repeat it 10 times.
Now rotate both the fists in the opposite directions. Practice it 10 times.
Awareness should be on the movements and the breath.
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