Mohali,03.3.21.. Food is an essential part of every human's life . Food can create love and bondings between human beings. We all know the importance of food in our life. But eating healthy food is also important , only when we have healthy foods can we live a healthy life. Making a food healthy as well as delicious depends on a person's creativity . When I was young, I didn't even know anything about cooking. But now I just love cooking because of my kids . They used to ask me daily about something new to eat ,and that helped me to find out some new and easy recipes. Now I started my own food business from home "Rajni's Rasoi" . I am Rajni , here's one of my favourite recipes -

Chocolate Banana Milkshake
This recipe for a banana chocolate milkshake is such an easy and quick yet healthy and delicious punch.



2 tbs chocolate syrup

1 cup banana, frozen and chunked

1 cup milk

4 scoops vanila ice cream

How to make banana milk shake

It is so easy, just combine bananas, chocolate syrup, vanila ice cream and milk in a blender and blend until desired consistency is achieved. With a good blended, this will only take a few seconds.
Serve immediately.