CHANDIGARH,24.02.21-After learning about hand clenching exercise. Our today’s exercise is wrist bending. Such exercise can be performed in sitting/ standing position. While sitting on a chair also one can do it with the only condition that the back, neck and head should be kept straight .
Remain in the base position/ standing position with back, neck and head in a straight line,
Stretch the arms in front of the body at shoulder level.
Keep the palms open and fingers straight throughout the practice.
Bend the hands backward from the wrists as if pressing the palms against a wall with the fingers pointing toward the ceiling..
Bend the hands forward from the wrists so that the fingers point toward the floor.
Keep the elbows straight throughout the practice.
Do not bend the knuckle joints or fingers.
Bend the hands up against for the next round.
Repeat 10 times.
Note- one can also do the exercise with one hand and then the other hand before doing it with both the hands together.
Inhale with backward movement and exhale with the forward movement.
Awareness should be on the movement of the joints and the breath.

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