Chandigarh; January 16 : IAMBSS held a second advisory board meeting focused on strengthening the integration in science today. The chief guest of this event was Prof. Jagat Ram, Director, PGIMER; the special guest was Shri Ashok Bisi Ji, Member, Kendriya Karya Karni, RSS and the guest of honor was Shri Ajay Dutta. Director Bharat Vikas Parishad Chandigarh, Prof. Vipin Kaushal, Dept. of Hospital Administration, Prof. J S Thakur, Dept. of CM & SPH, PGIMER graciously released the IAMBSS calendar 2021. The meeting was open to the multidisciplinary members. Approximately 40 people attended it.

Dr. Ujjawal, President, IAMBSS was on hand to open the meeting introducing the welcome remarks and IAMBSS activity updates. Mr. Pramod Nagar, Treasurer, IAMBSS gave his viewpoints on the integrative approaches in Health Research.

The special/key spokesperson, Shri Ashok Bisi Ji, member, Kendriya Karya Karni, RSS, gave his enlightening speech on health and environmental issue as well as on social harmony mainly emphasized on the morals of Swami Vivekanand ji Prof. J S Thakur, Deptt. of CM & SPH, PGIMER, also illuminated his ideas, on ‘Strengthening the integration in science: A step towards nation building and emphasized that every social/scientific issue can be resolved by multi-disciplinary approach. Dr. Jitendra founder of IAMBSS felicitated for his efforts to start Uttarakhand chapter of IAMBSS. Dr. Ujjawal, President, IAMBSS has introduced new working committee members and explained the future plans of the society.

At the end, vote of thanks was given by Dr. Uttam Thakur, Co-founder, IAMBSS which edified the event.