CHANDIGARH,12.01.21-Members of Chandigarh Traders Association, Sector 17, assembled in the office of their President Sh. Kamaljit Singh Panchhi at Anand Complex, Sector 17, Chandigarh to discuss about the Current situation of Corona Virus in Chandigarh.

It was discussed that Corona is not over and we need to take extra care because people have started getting careless and this can prove to be fatal. Basics like not wearing masks, not obeying social distancing to keep corona away are not being followed.

It was also decided to avoid celebrate the Lohri festival this year as a precautionary measure to protect ourselves from this Virus. The members in the meeting supported the same as we have never faced such situation earlier.
Mr. Kamaljit Singh Panchhi appeals to all the Presidents of Market & Resident Welfare Associations to come forward and guide their members to avoid celebrating Lohri and also follow the health advisory published by Government of India for the safety of their families.