Shimla,30.11.20-Minister in Jairam government Dr Rajeev Saizal today visited IGMC Hospital Shimla he became the first minister to wear PPE kit and went into all the four words consisting of covid-19 patients.

Dr Rajeev Saizal went man to man to all the patients in the hospital and enquired about their well being you also ask questions about the conditions of the hospital the patients appreciated the hospital administration and also give examples like health worker visiting them at midnight and asking about their health the health workers also cleaned the award at 12 o'clock at night.

Dr Rajeev Saizal said that the government and the medical department is doing a great job . You also compared the services of health workers in the hospital covid-19 words with the services rendered by the army height at the border.

The Minister said that the health workers are working day in and out risking their lives and in difficult conditions like ok for 7 to 8 hours of service the cannot consume water food or tea, while PPE kids they sweat a lot this is a tough job.

Dr Rajeev Saizal said the opposition is purely making a mockery out of themselves while cursing the government on the covid-19 situation in hospitals they should rather visit the hospital themselves and see how well the health workers are doing their job. The opposition should not criticize the health worker but they should place them and keep their morals high in such difficult Times.

Dr Rajeev Saizal also said that all the ministers of the state are keeping a close watch on the covid-19 situation in all hospitals and the chief minister is also very vigilant intaking quick actions and his only concern is how to save the people of Himachal Pradesh from this pandemic.