CHANDIGARH,28.11.20-This is also called humming bee breath as while performing this Pranayama, sound of humming bee ( Bhramari) is produced. It is considered best for cooling mind. It reduces stress, anxiety, frustration and anger and helps in removing throat ailments.
SIt in a comfortable meditation pose like PADMASANA, sukhasana, SIDHA, SIDHA yoni asna etc. with the hands resting on the knees in Jnana or chin mudra.
Close the eyes and relax the entire body.
The lips should remain gently closed with the teeth slightly apart throughout the performance.
Raise the arms sideways and bend the elbows, bringing the hands to the air. Use the index or middle fingers to plug the ears or the flaps of the airs may be pressed without inserting the fingers.
However, the best way to perform is in SHUN MUKHI MUDRA. In this mudra the ears are gently closed with thumbs, the index fingers are placed on AJNA chakra ( Center Of forehead, just above eyebrows.) , the middle fingers on the eyes and the rest of the fingers on either sides of the lips.
This may also be performed just sitting in a meditation asna with hands resting on knees.Those who are not able to sit on the floor can sit in a chair with back, neck and head straight.
Now, bring the awareness to the centre of the head, where AJNA chakra is located and keep the body absolutely still. Inhale through the nose.
Exhale slowly and in a controlled manner while making a deep steady humming sound like that of a black bee. The sound should be smooth, even and continuous for the duration of exhalation. It should be soft and mellow, making the front of the skull reverberate.
At the end of the exhalation the hands can be kept steady or returned to the knees and then raised again for the next round. In case one is performing shunmukhi mudra, one can continue in that mudra for all the rounds.
Like other Pranayamas, this too has a few variations, but practising this simple technique is enough.
It should not be performed while lying down. Those suffering from severe ear infections , epilepsy, chest pain.
Pregnant or menstruated women should do it under the guidance of trained yoga teacher only.

BHRAMARI relieves tension, cerebral tension and helps in alleviating anger, anxiety and insomnia. It increases the healing capacity of the body and improves immunity. It improves voice. Vibrations of the humming sound create a soothing effect on the mind and nervous system.

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