Chandigarh, November 21-The weekend brought a treasure of happiness and enlightenment for the members of Chandigarh Management Association (CMA), as they participated in unique Masterclass on How to Leverage the Business Networking Platforms. CMA was cautious enough to follow the Covid protocol. Members thanked the CMA for organising the workshop that gave them a new perspective and taught a new way of professional networking.

All the programs organized by the CMA are of very high order as they invite speakers of national repute who share their knowledge and experience with the members. CMA members participate in an online survey ahead of the program to set the expectations and then they share their feedback on the quality of the program, its relevance, usefulness, and the skill of the speaker. This ensures that the standard of the programs undertaken remains high.

Better known as Happiness Guru, P. K. Khurana, the well-known public relations consultant, was the keynote speaker, who has always been there in the list of India’s top 100 influential game changers in the domain of public relations. He is now engaged in spreading happiness and sharing knowledge through his workshops. The main feature of today’s workshop was that it addressed not only as to how to leverage various networking platforms, but also went deeper and shared tools to connect better and build lasting relationships. Mr. Khurana also shared certain tips on mental health and how to be happy and keep others happy.

CA Uma Kant Mehta, President, CMA, said, "We have been planning to conduct such a workshop for our members for a long time, as many a members were requesting for a physical get together. Our members followed all the measures to be safe and maintained social distance throughout the seminar. Mr. Khurana is known for delivering happiness, instilling hope and adding life to peoples’ lives. It inspired us to organize the workshop. We are happy that CMA members have enjoyed and appreciated it thoroughly.”