SHIMLA,26.10.20-Industries, Transport, Labour and Employment Minister Bikram Singh in a press statement issued here today has condemned the statement of former Member of Parliament Rajan Sushant published in certain newspapers, in which he has made baseless and misleading statement.

Industries Minister said that Rajan Sushant is an ambitious and opportunist politician. Whichever party he stayed in, he never had contentment and was never loyal to his party. He considers himself superior and is always making unrestrained rhetoric.

Bikram Singh said that Rajan Sushant has always given preference to his personal interests and benefits. He has never hesitated to put public interest on the stake for power and now he has been completely exposed. Those who supported Rajan Sushant never stood by him.

Industries Minister said that Rajan Sushant keeps searching for new excuses to garner headlines. His announcement of a new party is just a stunt. Before questioning the functioning of the state government, he should clarify what was his contribution for the state and region.

He said that the situation is that the state government has become very popular among the people for the last three years due to the pace of development and public welfare schemes. Due to the popularity of the government some opportunistic leaders are feeling very insecure, hence making concocted rhetoric through newspapers.

Bikram Singh said that Rajan Sushant should appreciate the functioning of the state government, as several schemes of the government have become popular across the country and other states are considering the state as a model state. In order to provide better financial security to the elderly, the state government has reduced the age limit for getting social security pension from 80 years to 70 years without income limit, this has benefitted millions of senior citizens.

The state government implemented several flagship schemes in the state like Chief Minister Sewa Sankalp helpline, Janmanch, HimCare and Himachal Grihini Suvidha yojna. The government has ensured upliftment of every person of the society. Today, the entire state is moving forward towards self-reliance and prosperity.

Industrial development has been provided pace in the state and positive results of various other schemes including Chief Minister Swavalamban Yojana, Chief Minister Startup Scheme are now prominently visible. The overall development of the state and the unwavering faith of the people of the state is the test of the efforts of the state government, on which the government has stood up. The leaders, who are losing their base after being swayed by the success of the government, are making unnecessary statements.

Bikram Singh advised Rajan Sushant to behave with dignity and said that the people of the state are well aware of the truth and do not believe in those who do petty politics. Rajan Sushant should avoid misleading and false statements, as he is not going to get any benefit from this. The people of the state have given power to the BJP with an overwhelming majority and completely rejected the opportunistic leaders.