PALAMPUR,27.10.20-Kangra valley is one of the most sought after valleys which is quite frequented by many tourists and travel enthusiasts.
The Kangra Valley has an abundance of Deodar forests that can refresh not just the lungs but also the spirit of a traveller.

The valley is filled with numerous perennial water streams which irrigate the valley.Having Dhauladhar Range to the north, and plains of Punjab below, the Kangra Valley is an area of serene natural beauty.

Kangra lies in the lower Himalayas having an average altitude of about 2000 ft. Kangra valley is full of many religious places starting from Vindhyavasini temple, Chamunda Devi temple, Baijnath temple to Tibetan Buddhist monasteries at many places.

The beautiful mountains clubbed with majestic water streams and revered religious places, Kangra valley is a heavenly place to be lived.