LUDHIANA,03.11.20-Dr Anju born on 7 oct 1971 in Ferozpur, Completed B.A.M.S in 1996 . Dr. Sushil singla born on 12 March 1973 in Ferozpur, Completed B.E.M.S in 1995 . We started Singla Slimming Clinic in 2003 .
We lose weight without excercise , without medicine , without surgery .
5-12 kgs (approx.) in one month & 1-3 inches (approx.) in one sitting.
We started our business at a small scale in 2003 but kept updating at a pace .

In the year 2013 we made a significant progress by introducing international technology and lost weight of thousands of people with even more promising results .

In the year 2017 we opened our second branch in Ludhiana, and are currently giving results at international level and have broken records with

15 kgs in 1 month
25 kgs in 2 months
36 kgs in 3 months
42 kgs in 4 months
70 kgs in 7 months
95 kgs in 13 months

We also focus on improving medical health of our patients alongside reducing their weight .

We reduce weight with such a procedure that weight remains stable and there are very minimal chances of regain of weight .

We lose weight with simple home made food . (Balanced Diet)
From where we got this motivation?

We saw so much obese people around us which motivated us .
Obesity is a very serious problem affecting so many people .
Obesity leads to so many other medical problems like heart problem , blood pressure, sugar, thyroid, infertility...etc ,.

Obesity is spreading in young generation at a very fast pace due to which they are suffering from depression.

Our Future Plan is to have branches all over India 🇮🇳.

We are willing to give seminars in colleges , schools and are ready to get associated with NGO’s .

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