Date:- 4th June 2020

The Adviser,

Chandigarh Administration


Sub: - Controlling of prices of daily use items in Chandigarh


It is brought to your kind notice that after the curfew was imposed in Chandigarh and controls on shops were announced during the Curfew. Chandigarh administration made arrangements for supply of Vegetables, Grocery and Medicines for which we are thankful as supply chain was maintained very efficiently. But during this all when customers were dependent on Shop keepers for home delivery, the shop keepers charged the uncontrolled rates for daily use items supplied, they even did not supply the exact items ordered but many a times supplied similar items. Though Market Committee fixed the rates of vegetables but even in these days rate lists are not displayed.

It is a known fact that MRPs are fixed much higher than the actual sale/purchase prices as such during curfew and lockdown when people were quite concerned with Corona Crisis, people ended up paying MRPs only there by duping was done which continued even these days.

In Chandigarh shop keepers do not display the MRPs at their shops as such directions may be issued for display of Price Lists for Vegetables and Groceries as has been done in Himachal Pradesh after the Govt Directive issued during COVID 19

As such staff of Food Supply and Excise Taxation deptt may be directed to visit markets for one the spot inspection and ensure that right Cash Memos are issued to all customers.

R K Garg

# 3328 sector 27D
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Convenor, RTI Chandigarh
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