CHANDIGARH, 24.09.21-Dr Sarabjeet Singh, a renowned Orthodontist of the region presented at the 55th Indian Orthodontic Conference at Amritsar on Speedo Orthodontics. This conference was organised on 24th September to 26th September,2021 in virtual mode for the first time and was attended by large number of delegates from across the globe.

Dr Sarabjeet Singh is a pioneer of this technique in which the braces treatment can be done in shorter duration and has become absolutely painless and aesthetic.

Patients are always concerned about the duration of Orthodontic treatment, how long treatment will it take. Nowadays, there is an increased tendency for researches to focus on accelerating methods for tooth movement due to the huge demand among patients especially adults for a shorter orthodontic treatment time. With an increasing number of adult patients, our aim should be to finish the orthodontic treatment in less duration and to make the braces as inconspicuous as possible. Unfortunately, long orthodontic treatment time poses several disadvantages like higher predisposition to caries, gingival recession, and root resorption.

Many methods are available to accelerate tooth movement, such as lasers, surgical , mechanical/physical stimulation methods, drugs, magnets etc. Also, they come with additional advantages such as reduced rates of relapse, reduced orthodontic pain and reduced root resorption.These methods have been successfully proven to reduce treatment times, but an easier, painless and successful method is to use frictionless ,very aesthetic, self ligating braces along with low intensity lasers(LLLT),which reduces the time of Orthodontic treatment by 40-50 percent(Speedo orthodontics).

These self ligation braces are absolutely tooth coloured like ceramic braces but they don’t use rubbers for tying on brackets, hence do not become discoloured(yellow)with food. These braces have passive tooth coloured locks on the bracket which ligate the wire and hence do not press on the wire ,so there is less friction and less pain leading to less duration. With the advent of newer tooth coloured wires ,these braces have become absolutely invisible with the added advantage of considerably decreasing the duration of treatment.

Lasers, vibrations, cyclic forces (acceledent device) are the current methods used to achieve the regional acceleratory phenomenon that have greatly reduced or eliminated the invasive nature of previous procedures. Laser is an innovative tool in the hands of a dentist and is absolutely safe, fast, painless and effective.

Dr Sarabjeet Singh

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